Its Pamper Sunday: Shave away those hairs!

Being a 9-5 girl (actually I work 8-5) Monday to Friday, I do most of my lengthy beauty treatments and maintenance on a Sunday. It relaxes me, preps me and makes me feel ready to take on the week. Doing something as little as a ten minute face mask or painting your nails can really make you feel special and its something I really recommend if you’re in for a challenging week ahead.

I normally shave twice a week, but being a little busy lately I have neglected my pins and they’re looking really rather furry! Although it seems to be keeping me warmer and I am wearing tights lately, it’s always nice to know that your legs are fuzz free! I am going to share my shaving techniques that I use when I have a bit of extra time to spare.

Step 1. Prep!!!

Its winter, you haven’t shaved in a week (or two!!) and your sporting the natural look but you know its time to get the chainsaw on those hairs! If you’re anything like me and haven’t bothered moisturising because, well frankly you couldn’t be bothered, then your legs are going to be a bit dry as well as hairy! So, you’ll need to buff away your dead skin cells so that when you shave, its going to be cutting off those hairs and not that dead skin of yours. Not properly ex-foliating can mean that your razor won’t glide smoothly over your skin and you’ll leave hairs behind which you’ll need to go over and it can lead to razor burn. My tip, run yourself a nice hot bath, jump in and splash around for a while whilst the hairs on your legs get a little softer, opens your pores and then reach for your body scrub. I like to use Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush (It smells great and is very effective).

‘A little dab will do you’… Just grab a 2p size amount and massage onto your legs.

Step 2. Prime!

Have you ever watched your Dad, Brother or Boyfriend shave? Have you noticed he will always use a shaving gel or cream? Why are they using one? Its because it gets them a closer shave and helps to prevent razor burn too! They’re are loads of shaving creams out there you can buy Or you can always steal your boyfriends but if you don’t have one to hand or can’t reach it from your bath then grab some conditioner! I like to use my Aussie 3 minute miracle, but it doesn’t really matter what one you use! I slap a handful on to both legs, wait a minute and then….

Step 3. Chop Chop Chop!

So you’ve prep’d, primed and now you’re ready for the chop! Use any razor you like, we’re all different so get one that’s to your budget and taste! I tend to opt for disposable razors myself, but get whatever you fancy! The Wilkinsons Sword Quattro  I use has four blades and surrounded by conditioning bars! Once I feel my legs are soft enough and ready to shave, I start from the bottom and work my way up, against the hairs! If you’ve prepared properly, it should feel like a smooth ride and your legs shouldn’t burn or itch either! After every swipe with your razor, rinse under the tap or in a bowl of water to clean it! Your razor won’t be effective with your legs hairs stuck in it, so clean that baby in order to get an super smooth shave.

I recommend shaving in the bath because, you’ve probably got a bit more time to spare and you’re also sitting down so you can get into a comfortable position too!

Once you think you’re done, give your legs a little dunk back in the bath and give them a stroke! Feel if there are in spots you’ve missed, if you have, go back over them with your razor!

Step 4. Take Care

Once you’re out of the bath and ready to slip into your PJ’s, don’t rub your towel over your legs abrasively. Take care of them, gently pat them dry and apply a moisturising cream or oil. I know its tempting to slap on your victoria secret’s creams because they smell like a dream, but those perfumes can irritate your legs! I recommend using Johnsons baby oil, its cheap, accessible and works wonders! Okay, it might not smell like ‘pure seduction’ but it does smell spa like to me! The fragrance isn’t offensive and you’ll thank me in the morning!

Go on, give it a go!

If you have any other tips, tricks or questions… leave me a comment!

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