Pucker Up!

A pretty well known make up fact is that the more drama you bring to one area of your face, you should allow the rest to be more natural. What I mean by this is that, if you’re sporting a stunning dramatic smoky eye that could stop a car, then you should opt for a more natural lip option. This works both ways! However, if you’re like me, and you aren’t brave enough to wear red lipstick to work then you can find yourself bored with natural everything! 

Looking to banish this, I have found three perfect work safe yet fun and striking lipstick colours that can make you look sophisticated, clean and classy! 

I’ll start with the lightest colour: Maybelline’s Rosewood Pearl 842.

The clue is in the name really, its a pearly rose colour with a hint of brown. The hint is slight and its a more of a nude colour. Its not really a ‘pinky your lips but better’ colour, but nor is it a pale yellow that will drain the rest of your face. I have worn this colour with a heavy cat eye, and got loads of compliments. I would warn you not to wear a pink based blusher with this as it clashes and frankly doesn’t look good! I am not sure this colour would go with a whole ‘bronzed goddess’ theme either! Just load up your eyelashes to make them flutter beyond belief and whack some of this over your lips and you’re good to go.

Maybellines Velvet Beige 630  is a deep taupe nude and is honestly my favourite of the three. It brings the perfect amount of drama and va va voom without being a slap across the face. I don’t ever want to be one of those girls whose lipstick you can see coming before her, but I do want something that makes me look like I have made an effort. You can still get away will this colour if you’re in the mood to show off your blending skills and wear a smoky eye, I would just suggest going easy on the shimmer and sticky to natural brown shades.

If you’re feeling brave and think you could definitely rock a darker brown lip with hints of wine then go for Maybellines Naked Brown 757. For work this would be a show stopper and would get some attention, so only opt for this if you’re feeling brave! It also requires a higher amount of maintenance so be prepared. If you don’t have access to a mirror or safe lippy touch up zone then steer clear. If you’re rocking this colour outside of work then, yes, you can most definitely still wear a dramatic smoky look ,but with work… I am not so sure. I guess it depends where you work, but if like me, you work in somewhere a little more corporate then I would say wear this with just good few lashings of thick mascara. If I am honest I haven’t worn this to work yet but I am tempted. The only issue I have with this colour is its pigment, as with any darker colour it takes a little longer to apply because you have to be pretty perfect with your application. It can leave some patchy areas so be warned.

All these lipsticks have a pearl finish so don’t leave your lips looking dry and crumbly like some matte lipsticks can!

In the picture, from right to left: Rosewood Pearl, Velvet Beige, Naked Brown.

DISCLAIMER: I have not be paid for this review, nor have I been sent any products mentioned in this review. All products were purchased by myself, and opinions are my own.

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