Working it | Tomorrow’s work outfit

We all have busy lives, so to make things easier I suggest you plan ahead for your week. Whether you have to dress smartly for work or casually, deciding what to wear can add an extra 20 minutes to your morning. To salvage all the extra minutes in bed,  I plan my work outfits either on a Sunday or the night before. Its a Monday night, I’ve survived possibly the worst day of the week and I am exhausted to think I’ve got four more days to go. But injecting that bit of fashion into my business life can ease the pain of long drawn out meetings. 


I know tomorrow my line manager is going to be in the office so it doesn’t hurt to dress cleanly and try to look sophisticated. I am really loving the trend of an all black outfit. It looks smart, sleek and leaves the fuss at the door. You can always splash a little colour into your look with the use of a fun lipstick or jewellery. Not only will the all black ensemble slim me down but I’ll look fashion forward without pushing the limits.

To bring a little sparkle I’ve opted for my favourite Moda in Pelle Fara shoes which shine and have gold accents to bring a tiny bit of colour. Just check out the tassels on those babies – uhhh I love them! I’ve connected to the gold theme and paired a topshop gold necklace to match the shoes.

The tight black pencil dress just skims my knee’s – meaning its work safe yet you can still move around. The fitted black blazer hides those lumps and bumps whilst adding class. Both of these are from H&M – which is my favourite place to buy work clothes.

The scarf was a Christmas present from my Nan, so I am not sure where its from, but the gold threads match the gold accessories and the blue adds a welcomed splash of colour.

I apologise for the quality of my camera and yes, I am happy to admit that the outfit looks better on than off… but just work with your imagination here!



2 thoughts on “Working it | Tomorrow’s work outfit

  1. I have been debating on the all-black-outfit thing for a while! I really love it, its easy to put together, simple, and elegant. But my sister (and fashion guru) says too severe on a younger women. I love yours tip to add a dash of color. Might try a fun scarf!

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    • I agree with your sister, it can be too harsh. I have a young looking face and because of my height I try to look a little older for work. I think they take me more seriously when I look more sophisticated and mature.

      Give it a go and see what you think – mixing textures can help with the harshness and showing a little flesh too! If you have some high waisted black jeans and a black crop top, that little flash of skin can really break it apart.

      I would love to know if you give it a go.


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