My Secret Weapon | Flawless Foundation

If it were between having gorgeous fluttery eyelashes, plump lips or flawless skin… I would choose to have skin so flawless it made others cry with jealously. Lets face it.. (no pun intended 😉 ) our skin can make or break a make up look. No matter how good you are at blending, if your skin isn’t cutting it then your foundation, blusher, bronzer, highlighter and contouring can look like a hack job. The skin is the canvas and background to the rest of our make up, you wouldn’t start painting on a dirty canvas, so wash that face. That means no mascara smudges under the eyes and no left over red lippy. You need to take care of your skin, prepare it and allow it to repair too! In the mornings, when I do most of my make up looks, I wash my face using whatever facial wash I am using at that time. I am currently using the hot cloth cleanser by Liz Earle. For £15.50 you get the cleanser and a muslin cloth. I use this once in the morning whilst I am in the shower and it leaves my skin really soft and cleans away any left over dirt. Before I apply any moisturiser I wash my face with cold water in the sink, not only does it wake me up but closes the pores opened by my hot shower. I then pat, not rub, my face dry and apply my moisturiser. This isn’t just any moisturiser, its my secret weapon. I actually use an oil, sweet almond oil to be precise. This is a multi use product, I not only use it to add moisture but to remove my make up in the evenings. Just add a little drop onto your fingers, and apply to your face, making sure you cover your entire face. At first you may not like the sleek sensation you get with it, and it may bring utter horror to you to think that your face will become an oily mess. Now I suffer with oily skin, and I would have never dreamed of adding more oil. This step however counteracts this, it decreases my oil production and my skin glows instead of shines. Once I have applied the oil to my skin I allow enough time for the product to sink in before I apply my primer. I have a few different primers so don’t always reach for the same one, so it doesn’t matter which one you use they all give  pretty similar results. My daily work foundation is Loreal True Match, its blends well and doesn’t take a lot of effort. I have better foundations, but for everyday this is great. I wet my beauty blender and bounce the foundation onto my skin. If there are areas on my face that need a little extra attention I may build up coverage by applying more. I normally use 2 pumps of this foundation for everyday wear, but will increase that if desired. The gentleness of the damp sponge allows the foundation and oil to merge and gives the most stunning, glowing skin I’ve ever had. This only gets better during the day!!

This is me on the far left using this very technique!

IMG_4343 If you’re going to be pushing your make up to the max and wearing it all day, you might want use a setting spray to lock everything in place. I use Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray to make up nothing budges all day. IMG_4829 Now back to the oil – I buy my Naissance almond oil from Amazon for £2.99! YES…. £2.99 for 250ml! I just can’t emphasise enough the wonders this has done for my skin. I have always suffered from acne and scarred terribly too. This oil nourishes my skin, softens, smooths and moisturises it! Its an all rounder too – applying a little to your made up face and leaving it for 2 minutes will melt away that make up. Wash it off with your facial wash and your skin is squeaky clean but doesn’t feel tight or dry. I suffer terribly with skin that gets effected by the weather, it gets dry easily in the winter yet my T-zone still gets as oily as a frying pan. This oil has corrected that and heals my scars at the same time. You can also use this for other parts of your body. As a body moisturiser, a few drops in the bath will leave your skin silky soft. You could even apply it to the ends of your hair for the ultimate nourishment. I will continue to use this oil, its great for travelling too as it combines so many different products all in one. You may be thinking that this review is too good to be true but trust me. Let me know if you want a video tutorial on this, just comment below!

I am in the middle – Glowing skin without the shine!


Its nothing short of a miracle… Please Please Try it.

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DISCLAIMER: I was/am not being paid for this review. Nor am I being paid for any purchases made through the links on this page for any of the products listed. I purchased this oil with my own money and this is 100% my own opinion.

8 thoughts on “My Secret Weapon | Flawless Foundation

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  2. This oil sounds amazing!! I too suffer from acne prone and combination skin, so I was wondering if the oil soothes areas that desperately need it whilst not provoking a full on outburst? Thank you for the advice and I’ll definitely be reading more of your helpful tips! 🙂

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  3. It really does soothe it! My skin get sore sometimes and very red! Pop a few drops of this on at night and you’ll wake up with softer and calmer skin! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and thank you for the feedback! Xx


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