And Oldie but a Goodie | Kim K with Bangs

I love Kim K as much as the next person. I don’t agree with everything she has done, but deep down I like to believe she is a great mother, a good role model and all round lovely person. She is without question stunning and has the most enviable curves known to man. Yes, she may infect fat to enhance those curves but, she can do as she pleases. 


Whatever look she wears, she owns! There are some hairstyles, make up looks and outfits that look better than others but she will always look stunning. I was looking/stalking her on instagram last night and stumbled across this photo of her with bangs and blue eyes. The bangs frame her face, enhance those cheek bones and emphasise the blue contacts.

This photo of Kim has inspired me that you can change up your look quickly without permanent change, you can buy contacts to add drama and clip in fake bangs to switch up your look. You can always try temporary changes to make sure you’re ready for the permanent change.


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