What’s in my work bag | All you need for work

The bigger bag I  have the more and more clutter it tends to gather. For work especially I hate carting around a large bag filled with things I don’t need. If I am going for lots of meetings and need to travel around it is really frustrating clutching on to a laptop, my notes and a massive tote. I also think it looks kind of unprofessional, especially when you’re navigating through hallways and barging people out of the way. To remedy this, I purchased a small shoulder bag that doesn’t interfere and stops me carrying anything but the necessities.


I bought this grey, square tote from newlook – unfortunately I am not able to find the bag online any longer but there are similar ones out there. As you can see, it has a handle on top and an adjustable strap so you can wear this either way. I picked grey because its classic, goes with most things yet is a little different from black.

Its got black accents and a zip detail on the side to make it a little more interesting instead of being plain all over. The triangle lock provides easy access whilst I am trying to grab my purse to pay for my coffee and holding my laptop at the same time. The bag inside has one zip pocket and an open pocket for your phone – which keeps it secure yet easily obtainable.

Although its small, its still roomy enough to fit a beauty bag, wet wipes, my purse and phone. I carry wet wipes for all sorts of reasons – cleaning up spills, wiping my hands and freshening up! You can use any but I find baby wipes the best.


For my health, I carry around my asthma pump at all times.

My purse is from Ted Baker, which my boyfriend bought for me as a Christmas present a few years ago. I don’t think you can get your hands on this style any longer but Ted Baker do an amazing range. They can be quite pricey and there are some more expensive than others but they are really worth the money. Mine has lasted for years and I don’t plan to change it any time soon. It’s got loads of handy compartments… loads of places to store your hard earned cash ;)! It fits nicely into my bag, so I don’t have to carry loose cash or change around.


For beauty products and necessities, I hide them away in this pink Baylis and Harding bag. Its big enough to store a small deodorant and other things. If its a particularly hot day or I just need a freshen up, then carrying a small deodorant will solve any sweaty experiences I may face. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have particularly oily skin and it tends to get worse throughout the day. Sweeping a little setting powder across the t-zone can really eliminate that oily look! My eyelashes are long, but tend to sit naturally flat and forward instead of up and out. No matter how much I curl and apply lashings of mascara, they always seem to drop as the hours pass. Having a mascara on hand to perk up those babies can really open up your eyes and make you look more awake. I tend to wear natural lip colours for work but still like to have a variety, I give myself a choice by carrying around a lipstick and gloss which I can apply depending on the look I am going for.


Even with all these things in my small bag, its still roomy enough to fit a pen and small notebook if required. I’ve now stopped carrying around a large, heavy tote that hurts my shoulder, barges colleagues and makes me look like the bag lady!

Ditch your oversized bag, and opt for a smaller classic tote… you’ll look ten times more professional!

Thank you for reading

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