No Plans for the weekend? | 20 things to try…

I have constructed 20 things that you could get up to at the weekend… why not try some:

  1. Clean your car
  2. Learn a new skill!
  3. Visit the Zoo                                                              3389_fullimage_burgers zoo meisje met giraaf.jpg_560x350
  4. Watch your childhood favourite films
  5. Do some DIY
  6. Finish reading that book you haven’t had time to read
  7. Have a memory day – look through your old photos and reminisce with your friends and family.
  8.  Meditate – you’ll never know how relaxing and stimulating it can be if you don’t give it a go!meditation1
  9. Rearrange your furniture.
  10. Call that friend you have been meaning to speak to!
  11. Take a nap – you can’t nap at work!
  12. Go for a walk – explore areas you’ve never been to before.
  13. Take photos – take your camera with you wherever you go!
  14. Volunteer – help those less fortunate.
  15. Play a card game!
  16. De-clutter and donate – free your house or room of all those things you don’t use, give them to a charity to help out others!
  17. Watch the sunset – its really beautiful and peaceful!
  18. Try things you’ve never tried – be it food, music, films or a sport!
  19. Start a project!
  20. Write or read a blog – it’s the best hobby This-is-how-you-write-a-blog

Thanks for Reading

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Have a lovely Weekend



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