Make Up Collection Part 1 | Face Drawer

Firstly, a bit of admin to attend to… please do not take this post as ‘bragging’, most of my collection is from the drugstore. I am simply sharing with you my collection. If you’re going to be offended, then don’t read!


I am doing a four-parter here, where I delve into the darkest corners my make-up collection. Today, I am sharing with you my face drawer, this is made up of: highlighters, foundations, concealers, pressed powders, bronzers and blushers!


This is where I hold most of my makeup. Its a standard 3 tiered, white set of drawers. Nothing fancy, nothing particularly pretty. It does the job… it holds my makeup! I got this baby from Argos about 3 years ago and its still going strong, its not like it has gone through a battle or anything but I do open and shut the drawers quite often ;)!! The top drawer is my ‘face’ makeup drawer, the middle is my eyes and the bottom is lips!


Due to the constant opening and shutting of the drawers, as best I try, they can get a little messy! I know, I need to work on that but for the most part its pretty organised!


Foundation: I wouldn’t say I have a large collection of foundations but a nice handful. From left to right: Beautifully matte by No7, True Match by Loreal, HD foundation by Make Up Forever, Eau de Teint by Loreal, Wake me up by Rimmel and Teint Idole Ulta by Lancome. The foundations I tend to reach for more is the Teint Idole Ulta and HD if I want to make an extra effort but everyday I like Beautifully Matte.


PRIMER: I don’t dare apply a foundation without a primer first. It makes a MASSIVE difference to not only the staying power of my makeup but its appearance too! I beg beg BEG you to try out the W7 primers (shown at the top of the photo). They are literally amazing and so so so cheap. I rarely use anything else!!!! At the bottom of the photo you can see studio secrets by Loreal  (left) and Porefessional by Benefit (right) – this are two really good primers too, they’re just more expensive!!


CONCEALER / HIGHLIGHTER: Now I don’t really conceal if I am honest, I find that my foundation does a great job of covering up spots and red marks that I don’t need to add extra product. What I do use these concealers for is highlighting around my centre of my face, a little on my chin and forehead too! My favourites are Mac prep and prime (top centre), Mac Pro Longwear (top left) and the Lasting perfection concealer from Collection (bottom left). Highlighting is my thing, I am obsessed with trying new ones out, but I love what I love and always find I go back to the Mac and Collection concealers.


SETTING POWDERS: For a little extra coverage and really to set everything in place, I use either one of these three beauties. I use Stay Matte by Rimmel on a daily basis (left), The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine by Benefit (middle) when I need to combat those pesky pores. Hello Flawless by Benefit (right) is great to set makeup for longer periods of time.


BLUSHER:  I like myself a blusher, and when you can pick up MUA and Makeup Revolution blushers for a £1 a pop, you can resist picking up five at a time… obviously I can’t! For a dramatic look I like Flushed by Sleek, for everyday I love to use any one of the Fashionista blushes (in the small square black boxes)


BLUSHER PALETTES: They can be sold individually or in a palette, if its a blusher… I’ll want it. On the left I have 28 blush palette from Beautify and on the left is BH cosmetics 10 blush palette. Palette’s are a fantastic way to bulk up your blusher collection and they’re perfect for travelling too!


BRONZERS & CONTOURERS: People often get confused when it comes to bronzers and contourers and the difference between them. I will do a post on that soon so I’ll explain evvvvvvverything then! For now, here are my bronzers and contourers. My all time favourite bronzer is Hoola by Benefit which can be used as a contourer if you’re careful, but to contour with I normally go for my Contour face kit by Sleek.


POWDER HIGHLIGHTERS: In comparison to my blusher collection, my highlighter collection is very tiny but its all I need. I don’t tend to highlight on an everyday basis, I like to leave it to the times I really want to take my makeup to the next level. My favourite has to be Soft and Gentle by Mac.

If you would like a full review on any products mentioned in this blog, please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading

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