I’m Here | Using social media to publicise your blog

For any blogger, be it new or experienced, it can be difficult to publicise your blog!

Using social media can make a massive difference to how many views your blog gets. Now, I am not about how many views, likes or comments I get. My intention here is to inspire, teach and help others. How can I do that if no one can see it?

Simply snapping a pic of your blog and posting it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter can reach a wide variety of people who are asking the questions you have the answers to.

Now, I don’t currently post my blogs up on Facebook or twitter but I do on Instagram! I can’t be sure it has been helping as I don’t have many followers on Instagram at the moment but if you do, then capitalise on this.


I am aware this is not a new trick, and I am aware that you are able to connect your other social media sites to this blog! But, if you would like the control then try taking a picture of your blog and posting it on Instagram!

For those who are already doing this, I would love to hear your feedback! How else do you publicise your blog?

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11 thoughts on “I’m Here | Using social media to publicise your blog

  1. I have just begun thinking about this. I am very new to blogging but have chosen to stay anonymous. I have personal Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts but would have to set up new ones in order to stay anonymous and use social media. Would love to hear from anyone else who is an anonymous blogger who would like to share what they do to publicise their blog!

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