Look what I bought | Small Haul

So with trying to save money I’m restricting my shopping for this year, but as I am going out tonight I thought I would pick up a few things. And by few I really do mean few!


One of my go to shops for makeup is Boots. For my American friends, Boots is a drugstore that sells a range of makeup brands!!

I don’t like to wear eyelashes everyday, but for a night out I like to make more of an effort! My favourite eyelashes are from collections, they’re inexpensive and very natural looking!
These are the ‘luscious lashes’ which you can buy for £2.99


I am always on the look out for new brow products and I stumbled across this product in the Loreal section and thought I would give it a go as there was a 2 for £12 deal on!


My stock of mascara’s has emptied this past week and I’ve been desperate to buy a new one! I’ve heard great things about the Loreal million lashes mascara so picked it up! The original price should be £10.99, which is quite reasonable even without the 2 for £12 deal!


I’ll let you know how I get on!

Thank you for reading


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