It’s Prime Time | W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

Everyday I will prime, no matter how much make up I apply. It is as an essential part of my beauty routine as moisturising.  I have naturally oily skin, so therefore I take every step I can to prevent my face looking like an oily mess within in a few hours of wearing make up. Honestly, some days my skin looks so oily I wonder if I could actually fry chips on it. Nasty image I know but its true! I’ve tried a bunch of primers, high end to more affordable and the ones I tend to reach for on a daily basis are the W7 Prime Magic primers. IMG_5580 I always buy my W7 make up products (I have one of their palettes – which is also very good) on Amazon here 

IMG_5570 (2)

The Original

The original primer was my first purchase and over the years I may have repurchased this beauty around five times. It doesn’t dry out my skin, it leaves my skin feeling silky and allows my foundation to glide on smoothly. It does hold my foundation into place really well but I am sure there are primers out there that do a better job. It is an amazing product for the price, but take note, ‘for the price’. It’s a very cheap product so I don’t ever expect miracles. I think its worth more than its price but I wouldn’t be willing to pay more than £10 for this individually. If you’re in the market for a cheaper primer or something you can use on an everyday basis because its more affordable, than you should give this a try. If you have a look on Amazon, this product has 4 1/5 stars from 709 reviews, which is pretty outstanding. It isn’t fantastic at shrinking pores, but it doesn’t make them look bigger, which some primers have done!!




This primer is supposed to combat anti-dull skin, which I get from time to time. Skin that doesn’t have that beautiful, youthful glow which everyone and their mother is dying to have. I can’t say I have noticed a massive difference when I use this primer, but it does help a little. Don’t freak out over the colour, it blends in so well that you don’t get a purple residual left over. I also haven’t noticed it altering the colour of my foundation either, so prime away! I would suggest that this isn’t as good as Benefits That Gal, but then its a lot lot cheaper!




This primer really surprised me, it does exactly what it says on the label. I suffer from a little redness around my nose, and acne scarring so can leave my skin looking a little redder than I would prefer. On good days, I will use the original primer, but I am on the tail end of a break out then I opt for the anti-redness primer. Again, this doesn’t change the colour of your foundation so don’t worry about that.


I would have to say overall, that these are pretty good primers, I would even pay a little more money to purchase the original and the anti-redness. For best results, let these primers sink into your skin after application for about five-ten minutes and then apply your foundation.

If you have ever tried one of these primers, or any of the W7 let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading

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8 thoughts on “It’s Prime Time | W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

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  2. I didn’t even know W7 did primers! I don’t see this brand all too much when I’m out and about but I bought a blusher for myself and an eyeshadow palette for my cousin and we love them! I’ll definitely have to try out the anti-redness primer! Do you reckon it will be okay on dry skin? x

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