The Ultimate Dark Nude | Soap&Glory Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick Review

Recently I have been on a lipstick frenzy. I haven’t been much of a lipstick person, I feel like its a high maintenance aspect of your make up look. That being said, popping on a bit of lipstick can take your make up to the next level, which is something I would obviously want to do. Being one of my favourite body product brands I thought they would be a good place to check out some lipsticks. After perusing the stand for a while, I went for the Soap&Glory Super-Colour Fabu Lipstick in Naked Beige.


— The Colour —

This colour is stunning, its brown with a redish undertone which makes it absolutely gorgeous on any skin colour and goes with every makeup look! It glides on smoothly, doesn’t dry or crumble either.


— It’s Wear Time —

Now, I seem to have an issue with all lipsticks, in that they never seem to wear very well, and although this doesn’t last all day it lasts better than others. I think this colour looks great on its own, it doesn’t require high maintenance as its a dark shade of lip colour. You can swipe this on before school or work and not worry about touch ups, when it does fade it slowly reveals your natural lip colour through without being obvious. If you’re the type who wants to look like you’re wearing lipstick, then by all means you may have to reapply, but the beauty of this lipstick is that you don’t have to. You might think that £9 is a little steep for drug store lippy, but you wont be disappointed. If you have ever tried one of S&G’s products, you will know they make good stuff!

You can wear this colour in the office, at home, for a night out and on a date. It’s sophisticated and yet youthful at the same time. You can wear this with a dramatic eye or keep it really clean and simple with just a few swipes of mascara.


— The Packaging —

I have always loved S&G’s packaging, its iconic and to be honest a bit of a show stopper. I love the 40’s/50’s era and (correct me if I am wrong) but I believe that’s what they’re packaging is inspired by. Its got that retro yet girly feel that really appeals to me, and its clearly working for them. This lipstick is a little more on the cleaner side, I guess when you’re trying to keep the price down their isn’t too much space you can use to create an elaborate design. The design isn’t quite the eye catching S&G packaging that I am used to, but it’s pretty and sleek.

I often find that when I chuck a lipstick in my bag, the lid comes off and bye bye lipstick… and the inside of my bag. The packaging of this lipstick is quite sturdy and seems to be holding on well.

The down side with this lipstick is that when you do apply it, although it goes on smoothly, its quite thick and I feel really concious that I am wearing lipstick.

I would recommend this colour and lipstick in general 🙂

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