Feeling Honoured | The Liebster Award

the liebster award

I’ve said it once (or twice ;)) before and I’ll say it again, no matter how many times you’re nominated for the same (or different) award it always brings a smile to my face. I really believe that supporting others is a reflection on your own success. I am feeling really honoured that Emilia has nominated me with the liebster award. Her blog is fantastic and I especially love looking at her outfits… she has great style so go and check her out!!!

She has given me some great questions to answer, so read below for my response….

1. What makes you really happy?

My family, my boyfriend and my dogs!

2. What do you like best about yourself?

Feature wise, my blue eyes. Personality trait I would have to say my dedication to work.

3. How do you define success?

When you’re proud of what you’ve achieved.

4. What love means to you?

Not feeling like compromising is compromising. You’re naturally happy to adapt to eachother and it feels right.

5. What is the kindest thing you ever did?

Giving up my time to help someone else, you can never get time back.

6. What do you do when you feel sad?

When you feel like you can’t help your loved ones when they’re sad.

7. What do you do for yourself?

Buy make up 😉

8. What is your hobby?

All things beauty 🙂

9. What quality you appreciate most in others?


10. Did you follow your own way in life or did you follow what others wished for you?

I followed the path that just seemed to happen.

11. What habit would you like to change now and why?

self doubt!

These have to be my favourite questions, they really made me think about things deeply.

Congratulations to all the nominees and thank you Emilia!

Ladies, please answer some of these questions… I think they’re great!



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