The Art of Gloss | W7 Lip Paint in Girlie

pucker up

I recently got my hands on this lip paint and I am so glad I did. I am growing increasingly fond of W7 and the way they are able to create such great products at low prices. I know I sound like an advertisement here, but it’s true! I can’t stress enough how important it is for all us bloggers to reveal hidden, under hyped brands and bring them to light. Within my time blogging I have already confessed my love for W7’s primers and palette’s, now I am bringing you a review on their lip paint….which I didn’t even know existed.


If you know me, or read my blogs regularly you will have come to understand that although I love makeup, I am not really a lipstick person. Something I am trying to change. It really impresses me that adding on, even a nude lipstick, can change your entire look. My favourite thing about lipstick is that you can go to work looking fresh faced and relatively neutral, then add a bright pink or red lip to spice it up for an evening out.

I had been at work all day, I was a little oily (nothing a little blotting couldn’t fix) and my look was a little too neutral for my liking. It was perfect for work, I looked super fresh and fuss free but I wanted to add a little something something. The W7 lip paint in Girlie was recently added to my collection and I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t tried this bad boy yet, lets give it a go’. Boy… was I impressed. Now, hold on to your hats here girls because it is very pigmented. They don’t call it paint for nothing. It really does what it says on the tube, its like painting your lips. How adequately named aye!



The first (well second after its pigmentation) thing I noticed about this lip product, is its smell/taste. It is really minted, which sort of comes in handy. Having a product that smells like mint near your mouth.  The scent is quite strong, so if you’re not a fan of mint… I would think about that before purchasing, but after a while you get used to it. IMG_0860



The consistency and texture of this lip product is suuuuuuuper smooth and glides on perfectly. Due to its bright colour and high pigmentation I wouldn’t recommend applying straight from the tube, which may cause an issue if you’re on the go or need to reapply. Using a lip brush is the way forward, you can get a precise line and avoid mistakes.

The wear time for this product is pretty impressive, I won’t lie, you do need to top up – but hey, who is perfect these days???


Overall, I really recommend this product and if you fancy giving it a go click the link here 

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