Green Stars | Revolution ‘Flawless’ Palette

green stars

In one of my very early posts I talked about the wonders that is Makeup Revolution and specifically their ‘Flawless’ Palette. This palette is what I’d call a perfect all rounder. It has the matte neutral shades, which are great transitional colour or look amazing on their own for that sleek neutral eye. However, Make Up Revolution has also included shades that will create that show stopper! I won’t speak for too long about this palette because I already reviewed it here. I have mentioned SO MANY times before (you’re probably getting a little bored of me saying it) but I am saving for a mortgage and therefore I am trying to practise ‘beauty on a budget’, which this palette is perfect for. It’s got a large of selection, a mixture of matte and shimmer colours plus the packaging is super sleek, clean and great to travel with.

For a change, I decided to do a make up look on my eldest sister, Katie, as her face shape is completely different to mine. She has a flatter bridge, smaller nose and doesn’t have the heavy crease like I do. She also has green eyes, which I decided to enhance by choosing ‘Green Stars’ as the star of the show for this look.

the face

Very kindly Katie has allowed me to upload a before and after photo (…isn’t she kind)


For Katie’s make up I wanted to keep the focus on her eyes, so went easy on the face products. Katie moisturised, primed (with W7 Magic Primer) and I gave her face a few sprits with Urban Decay B6 Spray. Using the RealTechniques expert face brush I stippled No7’s Beautifully Matte foundation all over her face. I then used Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age The Eraser under eye concealer, which blends like a dream and I have re-fallen in love with this product, and set all this hard work with Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. I added a little warmth to her face using a large fluffy brush dipped into HOOLA bronzer by Benefit. I used my current go-to blush of the moment, Make Up Revolutions blush in ‘Love’ which is a perfect nude colour to gives just a subtle flush to the skin. Katie doesn’t normally fill in her brows, so I added a little definition with L’oreal’s brow artist palette in ‘Medium to Dark, and followed her natural brow shape.


the eyes

Now, the star of the show.. the eyes. Katie has the most beautiful green eyes and I wanted to enhance those by using Make Up Revolutions ‘Green Stars’ eye shadow and blend upwards into a more neutral look. After I applied Urban Decay’s ey shadow primer potion all over her lids, I then used a flat shader brush to heavily pack ‘Green Star’ all over her lid, keeping it below the crease. Using a clean, large fluffy brush I softened the edges to eliminate any harsh lines. Using a medium fluffy brush, I dipped into ‘Smudge’ (a medium brown) and continued to soften the edge of ‘Green Stars’ by sweeping it in small circular motions across the crease. I kept going with this two-step process until I was happy with the desired intensity. Remember, its always best to start off with just a little amount of product and add intensity as you go, it makes it easier to blend and you’re more like to make mistakes if you don’t. To add smokiness, I used a small fluffy brush and grabbed a little of ‘Pure Chocolate’ and focused this in the outer V which gave her the gorgeous smoky cat eye look. To finish off the look I lined her eyes with black liner from MAC and added lots of Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. Top Tip: I used tape on Katie’s eyes (as I do for my own) to create the ultra sharp smoky cat eye look, it also stops fall out and errors.


I really hope that you enjoyed this look and love this look as much as I do.

Visit Make Up Revolutions Website to check out their great products!!

Did you love this look? Do you like Make Up Revolutions Products? Have you got any palette recommendations?

Please let me know what you think below 🙂


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