Eyeshadow Palette Haul | MUA LUXE London Palettes


Everyone loves a good haul and when the products are affordable, the more you can buy 😉 win win!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been finding it hard to find something that catches my eye, especially with eyeshadows. All the colours that are being released at the moment are so similar and unoriginal, its getting a little boring. I haven’t seen anything that really grabs my attention where I ‘have to buy’ it! This is where MUA steps in. Now, I don’t believe that these palettes are new but they are different from anything I own! Looking at the colours in the palettes, they appear so vivid and creamy! I wasn’t disappointed upon swatching either. They are velvety to the touch and the colour pay off is insane! Very shortly I will be posting a make up look using one of these palettes, and will continue to play around with both palettes over the coming weeks.

mua logo

MUA is always bringing new and exciting products to the table and they have now launched the ‘Luxe’ range which offers a range from lipsticks to bronzers and nail varnish all at affordable prices. Go and check out their website > here.


I purchased two of their Luxe metallic palettes in, ‘Transcendent’ and ‘Mysterial’.

Transcendent holds three colours, silver, midnight grey and a dark blue/black with a smoothing eye primer too! Now, I understand, that sometimes the primer actually adds an extra cost that you would rather be spent on another colour. However, its then perfect for travelling and on the go instances. This palette would create the most beautiful classic smoky eye.



Mysterial is like transcendent in sense that it holds three colours and a primer. The three colours are a goldy/copper, bright rich pink and a dark purple/brown. Although the colours seem a little extravigent and out there, they will create really dramatic unusual eye looks.




(Left: Mysterial colours | Right: Transcendent colours)


DISCLAIMER: I purchased these palettes with my own money, I am not being paid to write this post. I am also not receiving any money for any palette’s purchase through the links provided.

Twitter: @harrietbeautyb1
Instagram: HarrietLester
Email: Harrietlester@hotmail.co.uk

Have you tried these palette’s? Do you like the look of them?

What look would you create if you had these palettes?


3 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Palette Haul | MUA LUXE London Palettes

  1. Great post! I agree that the first palette would make a classic smokey eye. For the second palette, I would make an eye look with the three neutral shadows on the lid with the brighter purple as a liner underneath the lash line.

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