Nude Lipstick Haul | Makeup Revolution & MUA


I have been on a bit of a lipstick craze this year, especially nude colours! If you’re a regular to my blog you will know that Makeup Revolution and MUA are amongst some of my favourite brands! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these brands don’t get enough credit – they are able to deliver such staples without compromising on price or quality. Top marks!

Now, these brands are very similar in packaging, quality and prices. I am not sure if these brands are linked in any way, but they are both definitely winners! All these lipsticks were purchase by myself, in Superdrug all for £1!!!!!! I haven’t worn any of these lipsticks yet, but when I do I will post photos of what they look like on the lips!

mua logo


(From right to left)

MUA Lipstick – Shade 11 

Redish/brown nude, perfect for the more dramatic look! Would look stunning with a tan! Super soft and creamy when swatched.

MUA Lipstick – Shade 14 – ‘Bare’

This brown nude with pink undertones compliments any skin tone! Its super creamy and smooth too!

MUA Matte Lipstick – Fawn Fancy

Brown nude with subtle hints of red undertones. Great to vamp up an everyday look! Sets to a matte finish, a little dryer when swatched.

MUA MAtte Lipstick – Totally Nude

Pale cream based nude, similar to ‘Myth’ by MAC. Again as this is a matte shade, it is a little dryer to apply.





(From right to left)

Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick – Nude

Full on nude! Just a little darker on application than MUA’s ‘totally nude’.

Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick – Divine

Not necessarily a nude colours, more of a pinkish coral but its still beautiful all the same. This would be a beautiful colour for the transition from spring into summer.


Product Directory

MUA Lipstick – Shade 11 

MUA Lipstick – Shade 14 – ‘Bare’

MUA Matte Lipstick – Fawn Fancy

MUA MAtte Lipstick – Totally Nude

Makeup Revolution – Nude

Makeup Revolution – Divine

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Have you tried either of the brands?

Hope you enjoyed!


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