I need help… | Dull Skin!!

Girls, I need your help! My skin has been looking dull and lifeless lately after I apply my foundation! I have tried all the ones in my collection, none seem to be working! Does anyone have any drugstore foundations they could recommend to give me a lovely, youthful glow?

Things I have tried:

1. Adding almond oil to my foundation

2.Drinking more water

3.Foundations: Beautifully matte by No7, True Match by Loreal, HD foundation by Make Up Forever, Eau de Teint by Loreal, Wake me up by Rimmel, Teint Idole Ulta by Lancome and Revlon colour Stay.

Thanks Ladies ❤


22 thoughts on “I need help… | Dull Skin!!

  1. I dont think I have tried anything that you haven’t already, but have you heard of pixi beauty? They have a range of glow products, including a glow tonic. It was no good for me because of my eczema, I can’t use most toners, however most people who have tried it, swear by it.
    ~ The Mechanic x

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  2. Prep your skin with a mix of bicarb of soda and water-based cleanser. It’s a fab and kind way to exfoliate your skin before applying foundation -and gives it a beautiful glow!
    Also check that your moisturizer and foundation are compatible, if for example, you’re using a water based moisturizer and then applying an oil based foundation – the foundation won’t apply very well or last very long. That can make you’re skin look a little less wonderful than usual!
    Hope this might help!

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  4. If you’re looking for a dewy foundation I recommend Nars Sheer Glow/ Bobbi Brown BB Cream. Or you can use a luminous primer like Wonderglow from Charlotte Tilbury underneath your foundation.
    Also make sure you exfoliate your skin regularly with a BHA or AHA exfoliant to lift dead skin cells that may be giving your skin that dull appearance .

    Hope that helps!

    Jay x


  5. If you are confident in your skin and like how it looks. I would suggest just concealer and a tinted moisturizer. I like products from brands like e.l.f and Sonia kurshuk.

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