Moving Home | How much do we need to budget?

Happy couple in their new home concept

Hi Ladies,

So as you know me and my lovely boyfriend are moving home by the end of this year. We are taking a different path to the one previously laid out but none the less we are really excited. Instead of buying a house we are going to rent and save (all be it a little less than we would living separately) to buy in a few years.

My question is, how much (excluding rent) should we expect to be paying for the other bills? For example, food, electricity, TV etc.

Your input is very much appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Moving Home | How much do we need to budget?

  1. Typically, around £200 was the outgoings for my house per month for gas, electric, tv (internet and phone included) and water (which I think is about $350 roughly)
    Then the food was about £100 for a month, but we really had to shop around for food, use coupons and keep to the cheapest supermarkets we could find.

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  2. How exciting you’re getting a place together!! My boyfriend sorts our direct debits out for bills (council tax, utilities, etc) and I generally send him about £130 a month, as we split everything down the middle. That includes my half of the broadband, so you might not have to pay as much as that! I think a TV licence is about £150 a year?

    Hope this helps a bit! 🙂


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