Moving Home | How much do we need to budget?

Happy couple in their new home concept

Hi Ladies,

So as you know me and my lovely boyfriend are moving home by the end of this year. We are taking a different path to the one previously laid out but none the less we are really excited. Instead of buying a house we are going to rent and save (all be it a little less than we would living separately) to buy in a few years.

My question is, how much (excluding rent) should we expect to be paying for the other bills? For example, food, electricity, TV etc.

Your input is very much appreciated!


Oops Its already started | Buying Special Occasion Plates

As you may or may not know I am currently saving to buy the biggest purchase of my life… a house! I am not going on this adventure solo, I will be buying with my boyfriend, but that can be just as complicated. 

Not only are you merging lifestyles, habits but tastes as well. If I am honest, and I don’t think he will mind me saying this, my boyfriend isn’t exactly the most fashion forward or concious person. Without question I think he is gorgeous and looks good in whatever, and its not like he doesn’t like to present himself nicely but he rarely buys new clothes and doesn’t browse online shops either. Whatever house we decide to buy and how we decide to decorate will be a collaboration however, it will be majority of my doing. I am not afraid to say that either. You may consider it a form of sexism, but he really doesn’t care about vases. 

A recent shopping trip with my mum and nan led me to House of Fraser’s dining department. I really wanted to start my ‘bottom drawer’, and there is no better way to do so by buying some ‘special occasion’ dining sets. Now, you may be thinking that a first time buyer should really be concentrating on just scrapping the money together to buy everyday plates and cutlery, however I wanted to indulge myself.

I have always had a passion for the 40’s and 50’s and especially Art Deco. So when I saw this Starburst dining set by BIBA  I instantly fell in love. I am going to be blunt, it looks better in person and yes it does have the tendency to look a little old fashion but I love it! The Starburst collection also spans into glassware and a tea set which I will be collecting over the years. I may not have the entire set come move in day, but I will eventually (if possible) get the set.

I have dreams of inviting girlfriends round for cocktails and pouring wine from a matching carafe. Yes, these are materialistic things and I should be happy to be in the position to be able to save for a mortgage so young, but if lusting over a BIBA tea set brings me joy and makes me work harder, then I’ll do it all day long!

Has anyone else found any other dining sets they love? Where do you suggest for affordable home decor things?