Healthy Glow | MAC Soft & Gentle Review


Hi Ladies,

I have been struggling lately will dull and lifeless skin, its a common curse that comes with combination skin. One minute you’re an oily mess the next you’re flaky! My skin has not been reacting well with any foundation that I’ve used. One thing that has helped is adding a little highlight to my cheekbones, chin and a dash on my forehead. The highlight that gives me that natural, healthy glow without being too much is MAC’s soft and gentle. I don’t normally apply highlighter during the day for work, but as my skin is looking a little dull I have been using a dusting to add a little glow.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that say this highlighter is too harsh, glittery and unnatural. I have to disagree completely. Using this product ‘softly’ and ‘gently’ (see what I did there ;)) will allow your skin to have this beautiful sheen that reflects light gorgeously. Using a fan or a tapered hightlighter brush, gently press it on the highlighter, tap off the excess and lightly apply. I find it best if I hold the brush right at the end, as far away from the brush head as possible and lightly dust the product across the desired areas. I would suggest not to go all guns blazing with this, start with a little and then add more if you need. It is very difficult to undo a highlight, so start with a small amount and intensify the look by adding light layers.



These photos show how much of a healthy glow this highlighter can add to your skin. 

This product is like any other MAC product, the packaging is classic and timeless. Its the sort of packaging that doesn’t catch your eye or offend it either. £23 might seem a little steep, especially for a highlighter, but use this product right and you’ll be glad you treated yourself. Its not only great as a highlight for your face, but can be used on your body, eyelids and on the lips too. Put your favourite lipstick on, run your finger over the highlighter and press it gently on the centre of your lips and cupids bow. Your lips will look fuller and gorgeous!

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Have you ever tried this product? Do you like it?

Do you think its too expensive for a highlighter?




I need help… | Dull Skin!!

Girls, I need your help! My skin has been looking dull and lifeless lately after I apply my foundation! I have tried all the ones in my collection, none seem to be working! Does anyone have any drugstore foundations they could recommend to give me a lovely, youthful glow?

Things I have tried:

1. Adding almond oil to my foundation

2.Drinking more water

3.Foundations: Beautifully matte by No7, True Match by Loreal, HD foundation by Make Up Forever, Eau de Teint by Loreal, Wake me up by Rimmel, Teint Idole Ulta by Lancome and Revlon colour Stay.

Thanks Ladies ❤


Eyeshadow Palette Haul | MUA LUXE London Palettes


Everyone loves a good haul and when the products are affordable, the more you can buy 😉 win win!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been finding it hard to find something that catches my eye, especially with eyeshadows. All the colours that are being released at the moment are so similar and unoriginal, its getting a little boring. I haven’t seen anything that really grabs my attention where I ‘have to buy’ it! This is where MUA steps in. Now, I don’t believe that these palettes are new but they are different from anything I own! Looking at the colours in the palettes, they appear so vivid and creamy! I wasn’t disappointed upon swatching either. They are velvety to the touch and the colour pay off is insane! Very shortly I will be posting a make up look using one of these palettes, and will continue to play around with both palettes over the coming weeks.

mua logo

MUA is always bringing new and exciting products to the table and they have now launched the ‘Luxe’ range which offers a range from lipsticks to bronzers and nail varnish all at affordable prices. Go and check out their website > here.


I purchased two of their Luxe metallic palettes in, ‘Transcendent’ and ‘Mysterial’.

Transcendent holds three colours, silver, midnight grey and a dark blue/black with a smoothing eye primer too! Now, I understand, that sometimes the primer actually adds an extra cost that you would rather be spent on another colour. However, its then perfect for travelling and on the go instances. This palette would create the most beautiful classic smoky eye.



Mysterial is like transcendent in sense that it holds three colours and a primer. The three colours are a goldy/copper, bright rich pink and a dark purple/brown. Although the colours seem a little extravigent and out there, they will create really dramatic unusual eye looks.




(Left: Mysterial colours | Right: Transcendent colours)


DISCLAIMER: I purchased these palettes with my own money, I am not being paid to write this post. I am also not receiving any money for any palette’s purchase through the links provided.

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Have you tried these palette’s? Do you like the look of them?

What look would you create if you had these palettes?


Nude Lipstick Haul | Makeup Revolution & MUA


I have been on a bit of a lipstick craze this year, especially nude colours! If you’re a regular to my blog you will know that Makeup Revolution and MUA are amongst some of my favourite brands! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these brands don’t get enough credit – they are able to deliver such staples without compromising on price or quality. Top marks!

Now, these brands are very similar in packaging, quality and prices. I am not sure if these brands are linked in any way, but they are both definitely winners! All these lipsticks were purchase by myself, in Superdrug all for £1!!!!!! I haven’t worn any of these lipsticks yet, but when I do I will post photos of what they look like on the lips!

mua logo


(From right to left)

MUA Lipstick – Shade 11 

Redish/brown nude, perfect for the more dramatic look! Would look stunning with a tan! Super soft and creamy when swatched.

MUA Lipstick – Shade 14 – ‘Bare’

This brown nude with pink undertones compliments any skin tone! Its super creamy and smooth too!

MUA Matte Lipstick – Fawn Fancy

Brown nude with subtle hints of red undertones. Great to vamp up an everyday look! Sets to a matte finish, a little dryer when swatched.

MUA MAtte Lipstick – Totally Nude

Pale cream based nude, similar to ‘Myth’ by MAC. Again as this is a matte shade, it is a little dryer to apply.





(From right to left)

Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick – Nude

Full on nude! Just a little darker on application than MUA’s ‘totally nude’.

Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick – Divine

Not necessarily a nude colours, more of a pinkish coral but its still beautiful all the same. This would be a beautiful colour for the transition from spring into summer.


Product Directory

MUA Lipstick – Shade 11 

MUA Lipstick – Shade 14 – ‘Bare’

MUA Matte Lipstick – Fawn Fancy

MUA MAtte Lipstick – Totally Nude

Makeup Revolution – Nude

Makeup Revolution – Divine

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Have you tried either of the brands?

Hope you enjoyed!


February Favourites!!

I’ve been terrible with my lack of blog posts lately, but I will try my hardest to get a post up every other day. I thought I would post today about my February favourites, better late than never 😉

Now ladies, I know that in January you have probably been working your butts off to achieve your new years resolutions but lets face it, they’ve probably slipped in February. Well, I say, lets do something about it! Try as hard as you can to make sure that you strive to achieve your goals you set yourself, no matter what time of the year it is.


February has seen a lot of changes at work, I am now client facing full time and therefore I need to look more ‘polished’ so it appears that I know what I am doing… haha!  Instead of just slapping on some foundation and a little mascara, I have been making more of an effort with my appearance and adding a smoky eye to the mix every now and again. So with this, I have been reaching into the back of my beauty collection and re-fallen in love with some oldies!


Lets start with the window to your soul (or something like that)… the eyes! I am going to be honest (and a little big headed), I really like my eyes, not necessarily the shape but the colour. They’re bright blue and probably my favourite feature, so I do anything I can to enhance these bad boys. Combine this with my obsession with eyeshadows and palettes, I went a little crazy this month and have three palettes that are my favourite!! Yes, I chose three!

Make Up Revolutions – Naked Underneath

I’ll be honest (like I was in my review) I don’t like the packaging, its just not me and the style I strive for. I like simple, classic looks that scream sophistication. This for me, doesn’t do that! Luckily I like what’s underneath (wheyyyy ;)) It holds 16 shadows, a mix of matte and shimmer so its a perfect palette to create a wealth of looks. They are more warmed toned colours, but there are a few cooler ones too! Now, I am always on the look out for transitional colours, and boy does this palette deliver! ‘Attention’ (cool toned) and ‘Seeking’ (warm toned) are two of the most beautiful transitional shades I have ever seen. If you’re not sure what a transitional colour is, its the colour which is mostly applied to the crease and above that eliminates harsh lines from darker colours. When you’ve mastered blending, you can concur the world! I have already created a post using this palette, please go and check it out > here.




W7 In the Night Smokey Shades Palette

W7 is one of those brands that doesn’t get enough credit. It has fantastic products, for amazing prices that doesn’t compromise on quality. I love W7 and have done for many years now, which is why I never shy away from buying any of their new products. This palette has really grabbed my heart because it holds colours that are different. I am really sick of seeing the same colours over and over again just repackaged and renamed. BORING. This palette doesn’t do that, its like W7 has just chucked 12 fantastic colours into one palette and I love it! Sure, you might struggle to just use this one palette to create an eye look but atleast you’ll be creating something different, something that stands out. I am all for nudes, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change and go for the more interesting colours. On application these shadows are really creamy and stay put!!!! Check out a full blog post on this palette > here.



Makeup Revolution – Flawless Palette

One aspect I like for in a palette is compactness. I like a palette to be versatile, give variety and compact enough for me to travel with. The Flawless palette is quite possibly the perfect travel companion. This relatively small palette holds 32 shimmer and matte shades, so offers enormous variety. I would definitely say this a warm toned palette so if you prefer cooler toned shadows, this isn’t the palette for you. I cannot wait to do a look using ‘Black tie’- which I will be posting soon! Check out a full blog post > here.



L’oreal Brow Artist 

Brows frame the face, right? I have always struggled with my brows, and they are definitely the step that takes the longest in my make up routine. But this brow palette has really impressed me. The powder takes little time and effort to apply and blend, whilst the wax holds my brows in place all day. My brows have this lovely little habit of doing as they please, and by the end of the day each hairs look like its had an argument with each other as they are all shooting off in different directions. This little palette is compact, holds the powder a wax and tools to apply the product (which I don’t use).



Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara

My eyelashes are horrendous to be frank! They are long but point in every which way direction they can, cannot hold a curl to save their life and generally just frustrate the hell out of me. I really struggle to find a mascara that actually works for me, but Maybelline The colossal does the trick. I won’t say that I am 100% happy with my eyelashes, but its the best I can get. Something about the wand makes my eyelashes actually go upwards instead of straight, which is always a bonus! I also don’t find that this mascara flakes off during the day leaving black dots under my eyes making me look a little strange. Win win!



Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I struggle with large pores and greasy skin, which gets too dry easily. So basically, in a nutshell I struggle with my skin! Its a careful balance between a grease ball and a dry, flaky mess! Every powder I have tried so far will always tip that balance either way, but step in Rimmel stay matte powder. Its pretty much a god send and my hero, it keeps me relatively shine free whilst letting my skin still look like skin. Its accessible, affordable and really works.


MAC Mineralise Skin finish in ‘Soft & Gentle’

Now I know you’ve heard of this highlighter, and I am sure you either love it or hate it. I personally love it, I know others find it too harsh and unflattering but it compliments my skin really nicely. You don’t want to go all liberal with this product, ‘a little dab will do’. Its one of the things I really like about this product, its pretty pricey so knowing that a little goes a long way is an added bonus!!


Surgical Tape

It’s a pretty well known beauty trick, but it’s one that I don’t see a lot of people practice. Using a little bit of surgical tape under your eyes helps to create the most beautiful eye shadow looks. It prevents fallout, errors and allows you to create a perfect winged liner. I don’t apply eyeliner without using tape, I can’t create that sharp, clean look without it. I promise you that this trick really works, give it a go and let me know what you think.


Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

What are you february favourites?


Green Stars | Revolution ‘Flawless’ Palette

green stars

In one of my very early posts I talked about the wonders that is Makeup Revolution and specifically their ‘Flawless’ Palette. This palette is what I’d call a perfect all rounder. It has the matte neutral shades, which are great transitional colour or look amazing on their own for that sleek neutral eye. However, Make Up Revolution has also included shades that will create that show stopper! I won’t speak for too long about this palette because I already reviewed it here. I have mentioned SO MANY times before (you’re probably getting a little bored of me saying it) but I am saving for a mortgage and therefore I am trying to practise ‘beauty on a budget’, which this palette is perfect for. It’s got a large of selection, a mixture of matte and shimmer colours plus the packaging is super sleek, clean and great to travel with.

For a change, I decided to do a make up look on my eldest sister, Katie, as her face shape is completely different to mine. She has a flatter bridge, smaller nose and doesn’t have the heavy crease like I do. She also has green eyes, which I decided to enhance by choosing ‘Green Stars’ as the star of the show for this look.

the face

Very kindly Katie has allowed me to upload a before and after photo (…isn’t she kind)


For Katie’s make up I wanted to keep the focus on her eyes, so went easy on the face products. Katie moisturised, primed (with W7 Magic Primer) and I gave her face a few sprits with Urban Decay B6 Spray. Using the RealTechniques expert face brush I stippled No7’s Beautifully Matte foundation all over her face. I then used Maybelline’s Instant Anti-Age The Eraser under eye concealer, which blends like a dream and I have re-fallen in love with this product, and set all this hard work with Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. I added a little warmth to her face using a large fluffy brush dipped into HOOLA bronzer by Benefit. I used my current go-to blush of the moment, Make Up Revolutions blush in ‘Love’ which is a perfect nude colour to gives just a subtle flush to the skin. Katie doesn’t normally fill in her brows, so I added a little definition with L’oreal’s brow artist palette in ‘Medium to Dark, and followed her natural brow shape.


the eyes

Now, the star of the show.. the eyes. Katie has the most beautiful green eyes and I wanted to enhance those by using Make Up Revolutions ‘Green Stars’ eye shadow and blend upwards into a more neutral look. After I applied Urban Decay’s ey shadow primer potion all over her lids, I then used a flat shader brush to heavily pack ‘Green Star’ all over her lid, keeping it below the crease. Using a clean, large fluffy brush I softened the edges to eliminate any harsh lines. Using a medium fluffy brush, I dipped into ‘Smudge’ (a medium brown) and continued to soften the edge of ‘Green Stars’ by sweeping it in small circular motions across the crease. I kept going with this two-step process until I was happy with the desired intensity. Remember, its always best to start off with just a little amount of product and add intensity as you go, it makes it easier to blend and you’re more like to make mistakes if you don’t. To add smokiness, I used a small fluffy brush and grabbed a little of ‘Pure Chocolate’ and focused this in the outer V which gave her the gorgeous smoky cat eye look. To finish off the look I lined her eyes with black liner from MAC and added lots of Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. Top Tip: I used tape on Katie’s eyes (as I do for my own) to create the ultra sharp smoky cat eye look, it also stops fall out and errors.


I really hope that you enjoyed this look and love this look as much as I do.

Visit Make Up Revolutions Website to check out their great products!!

Did you love this look? Do you like Make Up Revolutions Products? Have you got any palette recommendations?

Please let me know what you think below 🙂


The Art of Gloss | W7 Lip Paint in Girlie

pucker up

I recently got my hands on this lip paint and I am so glad I did. I am growing increasingly fond of W7 and the way they are able to create such great products at low prices. I know I sound like an advertisement here, but it’s true! I can’t stress enough how important it is for all us bloggers to reveal hidden, under hyped brands and bring them to light. Within my time blogging I have already confessed my love for W7’s primers and palette’s, now I am bringing you a review on their lip paint….which I didn’t even know existed.


If you know me, or read my blogs regularly you will have come to understand that although I love makeup, I am not really a lipstick person. Something I am trying to change. It really impresses me that adding on, even a nude lipstick, can change your entire look. My favourite thing about lipstick is that you can go to work looking fresh faced and relatively neutral, then add a bright pink or red lip to spice it up for an evening out.

I had been at work all day, I was a little oily (nothing a little blotting couldn’t fix) and my look was a little too neutral for my liking. It was perfect for work, I looked super fresh and fuss free but I wanted to add a little something something. The W7 lip paint in Girlie was recently added to my collection and I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t tried this bad boy yet, lets give it a go’. Boy… was I impressed. Now, hold on to your hats here girls because it is very pigmented. They don’t call it paint for nothing. It really does what it says on the tube, its like painting your lips. How adequately named aye!



The first (well second after its pigmentation) thing I noticed about this lip product, is its smell/taste. It is really minted, which sort of comes in handy. Having a product that smells like mint near your mouth.  The scent is quite strong, so if you’re not a fan of mint… I would think about that before purchasing, but after a while you get used to it. IMG_0860



The consistency and texture of this lip product is suuuuuuuper smooth and glides on perfectly. Due to its bright colour and high pigmentation I wouldn’t recommend applying straight from the tube, which may cause an issue if you’re on the go or need to reapply. Using a lip brush is the way forward, you can get a precise line and avoid mistakes.

The wear time for this product is pretty impressive, I won’t lie, you do need to top up – but hey, who is perfect these days???


Overall, I really recommend this product and if you fancy giving it a go click the link here 

Check out my previous blogs on W7 products

W7 Smokey Shades Palettte 

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Have you tried any W7 products?

What are your favourite W7 Products?

Have you tried any lip paint?