Ladies Day at the Races | Intu Lakeside

Horse racing isn’t really my cup of tea but when I was kindly invited by intu Lakeside  I jumped at the chance.  I’d never been to Ascot or anything of the sort, and hearing a lot of buzz around these types of events, especially in the beauty world, I thought it would be crazy to let this opportunity slip past. Surprisingly I already had a few special dresses hanging in my closet that I knew would go perfect for this kind of event, so all that I had to worry about was my hair and make up!

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon I found myself arriving at the Chelmsford race course for the Ladies Day event, where I quickly realised the effort everyone had gone to, to make this day perfect. The staff were all just as well presented as the guests, the place was immaculate and the weather was stunning. Walking into the grounds I was met by several different stands from companies such as Pimms, Love that Hat, Elms boot camp and, of course, intu Lakeside.

intu Lakeside had got together a beautiful range of dresses from all different companies that are situated in the centre and brought along some fantastic make-up artists from Dior House of Fraser. Now, I have been going to intu Lakeside on a regular basis, it is probably considered my hub of retail therapy, but after all these years even I was still ignorant to the services that they offer. After spending around 20 minutes speaking to Carlene, I was advised about the stylist service that intu Lakeside provides to its customers if and when they require help. She explained to me the 9, yes 9, different packages that intu Lakeside offer to its shoppers. The packages are detailed, consistent and cover all your fashion worries. If you’re a new mum and need clothing that is appropriate yet still young and fun then Carlene has you covered. Or if you are still trying to figure out what ‘smart casual wear’ is, then Carlene has the answer for you! Carlene explained her approach and technique she has when giving you style advice and her vibe was completely friendly and welcoming. Let’s face it, having another woman, or man for that matter, looking at your body shape, the current clothes you’re wearing and judging your overall appearance is down right unnerving, but Carlene’s approach is refreshing and allows you to be honest with yourself. I have booked a stylist session with the beautiful Carlene, once I have spent the day with her and got all the facts about the sessions offered I will write a full, detailed blog post so you have all the information you need.

After hearing about some of the services that intu Lakeside has to offer, I spent some time with the lovely girls from Dior House of Fraser. They gave my lips some much needed attention, topped up my perfume, gave me a foundation match for the Dior Star foundation and booked me in with their regional make up artist. I also received a goody bag with samples like the Diorshow Mascara with its initiative locking packaging to stop drying.

Intu Lakeside also offered a wealth of brochures, showing all the services they offer including the customer lounger situated in the Central Atrium level 1. The customer lounger offers the perfect shopping retreat where you can pick up gift cards, click collect & return, centre information, free WiFi, Concierge service, free phone charging with more to come. 

The rest of my day was filled with spending time around the Chelmsford Race course which was beautiful and immaculate! I really enjoyed the fashion and beauty from not only the women but men as well! Thank you to Intu Lakeside (Voice Communications) for inviting me along to an amazing day!




intu Lakeside Information





Dior Stand













Dresses from shops found in Lakeside



My Favourite dress…


My Make up Look!


Did you know all about the services at Intu Lakeside?

Did anyone of  you go to the Chelmsford Races Day?



Feeling Privileged | HotHair Event

A few week ago I was very kindly invited to my first beauty related event by HotHair. I am going to be honest, I hadn’t heard of HotHair before receiving the invitation, but none the less, I was really excited. Not only was I excited to see how these types of events run, but keen to see what HotHair offers that makes them stand out from the crowd.

The event took place on the 26th of March at the breathtaking Renaissance Hotel at Kings Cross St. Pancras. It’s a spectacular building that oozes class and sophistication, quite overwhelming to be honest.  Upon arrival, me and my plus one were taken by a steward, guided through the building and personally delivered to the HotHair room. Walking in we were greeted by the lovely Louise and were promptly offered a drink. Throughout the duration of the evening I was really blown away by how attentive the waiters/waitressses were and how informative all the HotHair ladies were about the current and future products. The room was adorned with an array of their products, from full wigs to extensions and ponytails which we all got to try on and play around with. A special mention has to be given to Emily to helped myself and my plus one for dedicating herself to me for 60 minutes whilst I really got to try on their amazing products.

IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1372 IMG_1373 IMG_1375 IMG_1432 IMG_1430 IMG_1429 IMG_1431 IMG_1428 IMG_1423 IMG_1390 IMG_1377 IMG_1433 IMG_1438 IMG_1483 IMG_1457 IMG_1487 IMG_1439 IMG_1443 IMG_1499 IMG_1519 IMG_1448 IMG_1450 IMG_1520 IMG_1525 IMG_1451 IMG_1453 IMG_1526 IMG_1537 IMG_1455

The lovely ladies at HotHair gave us a hair piece of our choice to take away with us and a bag filled with lots of goodies which I will be doing a post on shortly. I was lucky enough to take away the HotHair uplift in long, which I will do a full review on showing all the different ways to style your hair using this piece.

*COMING SOON* – A full review of HotHair;s Uplift hair piece in long! & A post of all the goodies I received in my ‘goody bag’ from the HotHair Event!

Favourite Youtubers!!!

Since I was about 13 years old I started to watch Elle (allthatglitters21) and Blair (juicystar07) Fowler, beauty blogging and youtubing sisters who have rocketed to fame. They’ve been shortly followed by many others… and these are my favourites.



Casey Holmes is seriously one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and possibility one of the most talented eye shadow blenders ever! She specialises in smoky eyes and has taught me so so much!



Gossmakeupartist, or Wayne, is a ultra talented and hilariously honest make up artist. If you want to know what you’re spending your money on is worth the hype, then check out Wayne’s channel, his honesty is so refreshing. It also strips things bare and goes right back to basics when it comes to giving make up tips.



She’s stunning and down to earth. What more is there to say, she has a clean and classic style that’s easy to recreate and great for the girls who like to keep it simple.



I found Sona by watching a video of her doing Teni’s makeup for a ‘bridal look’ – which had me astounded. Teni looks beautiful whenever, but the make up that Sona did was flawless. She has continued to wow me with gorgeous looks.



I feel if I knew Ingrid personally we would be best friends. She is fun and energetic whilst always maintaining a youthful look. Her no fuss looks are great for beginners.



I watch Lauren’s videos when I want a more dramatic look, she is undeniably stunning and really knows how to emphasise her assets. If you want to know how to master the flawless canvas then check her channel out now!!!



A fellow brit and makeup lover like myself, Fleur has great style and great make up tips too!



Tati has been around for a while yet I have only just stumbled across her videos – she really goes into depth with her tutorials you really feel as though she is helping you every step of the way.



I would have to say Carli may steal the spotlight for my favourite youtuber! She is stunning, kind and caring. Her videos are varied, helpful and refreshing. She has great style and posts fashion tips too!

Go and check out these channels – you could learn soooo much! Do you like these youtubers? Are there any others?

Thank you for reading

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And Oldie but a Goodie | Kim K with Bangs

I love Kim K as much as the next person. I don’t agree with everything she has done, but deep down I like to believe she is a great mother, a good role model and all round lovely person. She is without question stunning and has the most enviable curves known to man. Yes, she may infect fat to enhance those curves but, she can do as she pleases. 


Whatever look she wears, she owns! There are some hairstyles, make up looks and outfits that look better than others but she will always look stunning. I was looking/stalking her on instagram last night and stumbled across this photo of her with bangs and blue eyes. The bangs frame her face, enhance those cheek bones and emphasise the blue contacts.

This photo of Kim has inspired me that you can change up your look quickly without permanent change, you can buy contacts to add drama and clip in fake bangs to switch up your look. You can always try temporary changes to make sure you’re ready for the permanent change.