Goodbye January, Hello February | January Favourites

If you’re familiar with the youtube beauty world, then undoubtedly you’ll have watched atleast one favourites videos. For those who aren’t familiary, it’s a segment where bloggers will talk about the beauty products they’ve been loving for that month. I’ll be telling you the products I’ve been reaching for frequently throughout the weeks. Now, January seems to have passed rather quickly for me, being really busy at work and not getting to be able to try a lot of new products. I will give a quick review of each product, but if you would like a full review just comment below.

Lets get started…

The Original Beauty Blender

Price: £19.00


This has been a cult classic for a while now… and rightly so! This sponge is amazing, you can use it for both your concealer or applying your entire foundation. Dampen the sponge to bring to life its blending abilities and you won’t be disappointed. It does take a little longer, in my opinion, than using a brush when applying foundation and you do have to make sure you blend effectively. If you can spend that extra time perfecting the blend of your foundation, then using the sponge is the way to go. I buy my online from Amazon and always buy the duo pack. Some people have mentioned they are a little dubious because of the price and sanitary aspects, however the beauty blender is well worth every penny! I’ve personally bought about 6 so that shows you something. If you are unsure how to clean your beauty blender, or any sponges you own – let me know and I can make a tutorial for you.

Sigma F80 Kabuki Brush

Price: £16.00


This is the first Sigma brush I have purchased, and boy am I pleased! I haven’t used it for long and yet it still makes it into my favourites of January. I cannot express how soft this brush is, and how beautifully it apply any foundation I have. No matter if the foundation is matte, dewy, full or low coverage… it still applies like a dream. I use this brush to apply my foundation and then blend my concealer with the beauty blender and I am really pleased with the flawless results it gives.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Price: £8.00


I love myself a body scrub and I love myself a Soap & Glory product. Combine these two loves together and you’re always going to get a winner in my books. This is a fresh, zesty smell perfect for the morning time. The scent and act of scrubbing down your body really awakens you. Its a physical scrub, meaning that there are sugars and ‘bits’ that actually scrub away at your dead skin. The ‘bits’ are coated in a creamy gel and oil that will nourish your skin after it has been rubbed. You can find this product in boots where they sell the rest of the sugar crush range.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment

Price: £4.99


I am constantly battling frizzy, knotted hair. The 3 minute miracle treatment has really helped de-tangle those knots and give it an extra shine. I don’t really have a hair style at the moment if I am honest, its just very long and brown… nothing exciting! I am actually going through a transitional phase, where I would like a change but I am not sure what to do. Instead of acting upon this, I am just stuck in a rut! I will wash my hair at night, condition it with the aussie product and then leave it to dry naturally. I have always loved Aussie conditioners, but this one is my favourite. It really delivers on its name, and the smell is unbelievable.

Naissance Almond Sweet Oil

Price: £2.99


I have already blogged about the wonders of this product, so I won’t continue to rave about it too much. I will say however, that I have been using this as a cleanser and moisturiser for night time and having been completely shocked by the results. Check out this blog to read more about the oil.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette

Price: £8.00


Again, I have already blogged briefly about this product and a full review and a couple of tutorials will be posted soon. So I will only go on to say that I have been reaching for this product ever since I got my hands on it. I have the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but have been skipping over this to use this, it is great to create unique natural eye looks perfect for work. To review the brief review, click here.

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

Price: £13.50


I only tend to wear matte foundations in the summer and spring time to combat my oily-ness. However I have been really loving this foundation for the past couple of weeks, it has been a constant in my collection for a couple of years now. It isn’t too expensive, provides buildable coverage and lasts all day. No7 isn’t a brand I would normally gravitate towards, but this foundation is definitely worth a try and it also provides sun protection with SPF 15. I am not an expert on No7 but I believe it is a Boots makeup line, so check it out here. This is also the foundation I wore in my ‘Fresh Makeup’ blog.

That is it for my January favourites this month, I apologise that I haven’t been able to look into uncharted territory but I promise I will be doing a lot more reviews for February. So, if there are any products that you would like me to test out, leave a comment and I will get round to it.

Thank you for reading

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