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One of the perks of having combination skin is that you can often get dull, lack lustre looking skin. It’s true… our plight is real and very frustrating. We combat dryness and oiliness on the same canvas, but now we have to put up with skin that’s got as much life oozing from it as a baked potato. I may be a little dramatic but my pain is real and really affects my self esteem.


Whilst skin care shopping in the Body Shop, this little bottle of Vitamin C Energising face spritz magically found itself in my basket (that happens a lot aye) and for the price of £10! You might think that’s expensive, but you get 100ml and this product has lasted a while!

What does it actually do? If you’re having a dull day or you want a pick me up, this product is the one for you! Enriched with Vitamin C, it gives an instant boost and subtle glow to your face whilst drying to a matte finish – so all you oily girls (and guys!) don’t shy away! Its also made with aloe Vera to smooth the skin if its feeling a little irritated.


When do you use this? I use this product before applying moisturiser (and after if its looking particularly dull) and allow to sink in well. Its great because it doesn’t affect the application of your foundation or concealer, if anything it makes it glide on more evenly and gives you a radiant boost… who doesn’t want that? I love to give my face a good few sprays during a hot day at work to re-awaken myself! Don’t worry about this product smudging your make-up, even if you have a smoky eye!

Is it convenient to use? Yes! If you want the short answer ha ha! The bottle is compact, sleek and the perfect size to throw in your handbag so you can take it on the go! It comes in a spray form so you don’t to worry about using your hands! The spray covers a large area on my face, so two or three sprays and you’ll be good to go!

Is it worth the money? This question is always hard to answer because it depends on your budget and how much money you want to spend on an ‘accessory’ product like this. These types of products are always a luxury rather than a necessity but I would miss it if it wasn’t in my collection!

Overall verdict… its good, but not a show stopper! 

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes!

Scoring out of 10? 8

Have you tried this product, if so… what did you think?



Healthy Glow | MAC Soft & Gentle Review


Hi Ladies,

I have been struggling lately will dull and lifeless skin, its a common curse that comes with combination skin. One minute you’re an oily mess the next you’re flaky! My skin has not been reacting well with any foundation that I’ve used. One thing that has helped is adding a little highlight to my cheekbones, chin and a dash on my forehead. The highlight that gives me that natural, healthy glow without being too much is MAC’s soft and gentle. I don’t normally apply highlighter during the day for work, but as my skin is looking a little dull I have been using a dusting to add a little glow.

I’ve read a lot of reviews that say this highlighter is too harsh, glittery and unnatural. I have to disagree completely. Using this product ‘softly’ and ‘gently’ (see what I did there ;)) will allow your skin to have this beautiful sheen that reflects light gorgeously. Using a fan or a tapered hightlighter brush, gently press it on the highlighter, tap off the excess and lightly apply. I find it best if I hold the brush right at the end, as far away from the brush head as possible and lightly dust the product across the desired areas. I would suggest not to go all guns blazing with this, start with a little and then add more if you need. It is very difficult to undo a highlight, so start with a small amount and intensify the look by adding light layers.



These photos show how much of a healthy glow this highlighter can add to your skin. 

This product is like any other MAC product, the packaging is classic and timeless. Its the sort of packaging that doesn’t catch your eye or offend it either. £23 might seem a little steep, especially for a highlighter, but use this product right and you’ll be glad you treated yourself. Its not only great as a highlight for your face, but can be used on your body, eyelids and on the lips too. Put your favourite lipstick on, run your finger over the highlighter and press it gently on the centre of your lips and cupids bow. Your lips will look fuller and gorgeous!

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Have you ever tried this product? Do you like it?

Do you think its too expensive for a highlighter?



I need help… | Dull Skin!!

Girls, I need your help! My skin has been looking dull and lifeless lately after I apply my foundation! I have tried all the ones in my collection, none seem to be working! Does anyone have any drugstore foundations they could recommend to give me a lovely, youthful glow?

Things I have tried:

1. Adding almond oil to my foundation

2.Drinking more water

3.Foundations: Beautifully matte by No7, True Match by Loreal, HD foundation by Make Up Forever, Eau de Teint by Loreal, Wake me up by Rimmel, Teint Idole Ulta by Lancome and Revlon colour Stay.

Thanks Ladies ❤


The All sorts Haul!!!

So doing my food shop in Tesco, I decided to pick up a few beauty bits and here is what I purchased….IMG_0178

–Skin Care–

–Garnier Moisture Match Moisturise in ‘Light softening cream’–



–Clearasil Ulta Pads–


–Clean & Clear Facial Wash–


–Make up–


— Maybelline Eyestudio 24Hr Tattoo in ‘Vintage Plum’ —



–Revlon Colour Stay foundation in ‘Sand Beige’–


–Maybelline The Colossal Mascara in ‘Black’–


–Hair Care & Body–

–Aussie 3 Minute Mircale Frizz Remedy–


–Batiste Dry Shampoo in ‘Blush’–


–Dove Dry Oil Shampoo–


–Nivea Body wash in ‘Happy Time’ & ‘Creme Care’–


The Enhancer | Urban Decay B6 Spray

Yesterday I posted about the miracles of sweet almond oil and the wonders it has done for my skin. The oil is fantastic but on the days where I want to go that extra mile or my skin needs to be refreshed I reach for my B6 spray by Urban Decay. I first saw this product used by Sona Gasparian on Teni Panosian whilst doing a bridal make up look. It looked fantastic and I instantly knew I needed to get my hands on it. I rushed over to my nearest Urban Decay counter which happened to be in Debenhams and paid the quite steep £22 to make that baby mine!


On the bottle the directions read that you should apply the product before even moisturiser, but in Sona’s video you see her apply if after foundation and concealer. She uses it to fuse the products together and melt them into Teni’s skin. The results of which looked flawless… the very thing that got me hooked. I’ve experimented with using the spray both ways and using it twice. The mist is super fine and sometimes I feel like I have to spray it quite alot in order to cover my face effectively but it does have an instant improvement factor. I have found that this product is best used with the HD forever foundation and a damp beauty blender, but if you don’t have either it will still improve the look of your foundation. Dont worry, you can use this product both in the summer and winter with the same results.

If my skin is looking a little dull then I’ll spray this before moisturiser to give it a head start. The spray claims to reduce redness, absorb oil and decrease pore size. If they’re the results you’re after than definitely spray it before applying your make up, however if you’re looking to enhance your glow and really make your foundation look flawless, do it after. Of course, if you’re like me and want both then spray it before and after. This spray is also good if your skin is looking a little cakey or patchy through dryness then a few sprits of this will mend that straight away.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying its a miracle product like the almond oil, however it does make a difference. I am sure there are better sprays out there so I will be on the look out for them and I’ll keep you updated. However, for now I am happy to keep using this spray until it finishes. Will I repurchase, I am not sure. Its £22, which for me is quite pricey and is a product I think I could live without.


  • Can be used to blend foundation and concealer creating a more natural, flawless look.
  • Reduces redness
  • Minimises pores
  • Prevents oil production
  • Spray form – easy to use
  • Compact Bottle
  • Quite a lot of product – has lasted me a long time
  • Refreshes Skin – can be used half way through the day.


  • Initially quite expensive
  • Such a fine mist, do have to spray a lot!
  • Not keen on the smell (however this doesn’t linger)


Overall the product is worth the money, it just seems expensive at first. I give this product 8/10.

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