A little something something…. | The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising face spritz


One of the perks of having combination skin is that you can often get dull, lack lustre looking skin. It’s true… our plight is real and very frustrating. We combat dryness and oiliness on the same canvas, but now we have to put up with skin that’s got as much life oozing from it as a baked potato. I may be a little dramatic but my pain is real and really affects my self esteem.


Whilst skin care shopping in the Body Shop, this little bottle of Vitamin C Energising face spritz magically found itself in my basket (that happens a lot aye) and for the price of £10! You might think that’s expensive, but you get 100ml and this product has lasted a while!

What does it actually do? If you’re having a dull day or you want a pick me up, this product is the one for you! Enriched with Vitamin C, it gives an instant boost and subtle glow to your face whilst drying to a matte finish – so all you oily girls (and guys!) don’t shy away! Its also made with aloe Vera to smooth the skin if its feeling a little irritated.


When do you use this? I use this product before applying moisturiser (and after if its looking particularly dull) and allow to sink in well. Its great because it doesn’t affect the application of your foundation or concealer, if anything it makes it glide on more evenly and gives you a radiant boost… who doesn’t want that? I love to give my face a good few sprays during a hot day at work to re-awaken myself! Don’t worry about this product smudging your make-up, even if you have a smoky eye!

Is it convenient to use? Yes! If you want the short answer ha ha! The bottle is compact, sleek and the perfect size to throw in your handbag so you can take it on the go! It comes in a spray form so you don’t to worry about using your hands! The spray covers a large area on my face, so two or three sprays and you’ll be good to go!

Is it worth the money? This question is always hard to answer because it depends on your budget and how much money you want to spend on an ‘accessory’ product like this. These types of products are always a luxury rather than a necessity but I would miss it if it wasn’t in my collection!

Overall verdict… its good, but not a show stopper! 

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes!

Scoring out of 10? 8

Have you tried this product, if so… what did you think?




Is it right for me? | The Body Shop – Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask Review


I’m going to cut straight to the chase here because lets face it (excuse the pun), when it comes to skin care we don’t have time to mess around. You want to know if ‘The Body Shop – Drops of youth Bouncy sleeping mask‘ is any good, and I am going to tell you!


So how much is it? Depending on your lifestyle and the how much you budget towards skincare, some might think that its a hefty price tag, others may not. For £22 you can take this baby home, which for me was a little bit of a sting for one product. But its lasted around 3 weeks with every day use (sorry… I mean every night use) and its still going strong.

Is it worth it? You all know that I have combination skin, which is a pain at its best. It dries out quickly and can become overwhelming oily 5 seconds later, so I am always on the look out for a product that can give me moisture but doesn’t make my make-up slip and slide. I had heard a little buzz around this product and was intrigued by the ‘bouncy’ aspect and the fact you use it overnight. This means I can give my skin the moisture it needs without risking the staying power of my foundation. I won’t lie, the consistency is strange -it is exactly as described… bouncy. If you open up your jar, stick your finger in it… it will slowly reform to its original shape. According to The Body Shop, 70% of users agree that their skin looks bouncier and 80% that their skin feels replenished. Take those figures whichever way you wish, I would agree with both and expected more people to feel the same!



Is it convenient to use? You’ll be able to see from the photos what the product looks like if you have never seen it before and I think we can all agree that the packaging is quite luxurious. It sounds odd, but I really like the wide and thin dimensions it has going on, its sleek and neat! You do have to keep the box it comes in because you do get a handy spatula which, unless you want to fish it out of the product every night you may need to find a safe place for it. Now I just slap this on like I do my moisturiser… hastily. But, if you would like expert advice, then click here to find out how to apply it most effectively…there is something about over the rainbow hands in there. I would definitely say to only use this at night because it can leave your skin feeling a little oily, unless you’re staying home all day then more power to you! I also so stick to the guidelines on how much to use, because it takes a little while to sink into your skin.


The difference? I have never purchased a ‘night time moisturiser’ before this one, so the comparison will be difficult. I would always just slap on a super healthy helping of my daily moisturiser and think it would do the trick. Oh.. how wrong I was. This moisturiser is super charged, super smoothing, moisturising and refreshing. You wake up feeling completely refreshed and replenished. I have also noticed a difference with my scarring and acne too! Is this product a miracle? Most probably not, but it has made a big difference to my skins appearance and I will continue to repurchase this baby… until I find something better! haha.

Is it right for me? No matter if you have oily, dry or combination skin I think this product is worth a try. I am not skin expert, nor do I know anything about your skin so therefore I cannot say for definite if this product is going to work for you. What I would say is that, if you’re happy to spend £22 giving this a shot, then go for it girls (or boys), you could be onto a winner!

Will I repurchase? Yes!

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, to all ages to!

Score, out of 10. 8 or 9!

Have you tried this product? If so, what did you think?