Wardrobe Update | Image Refresh

As we are coming into the summer months my work clothes are too thick and ‘winter-like’ for this hotter weather.

I want to re-vamp my work wardrobe but need advice on styles and great places in the UK to shop….

Come on ladies… What are your suggestions?


I am a Ford Project Analyst | What do you do?


I’m a Beauty Blogger undercover as a Project Analyst for Ford, or is it the other way around?

Yes, I work for Ford motor company. It is an unbelievably complex cog in the chain of the motor industry and nearly a year into the job, I’m still learning every second! The job is stressful, intense and full of deadlines and targets! Every minute in my job requires my full attention and I need to be on top for all the time! Trying to explain my job role within the complex realm of processes with Ford leaves the listener baffled. I love my job, I do! I really do, it takes a lot out of me but I get so much in return. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and sleepless nights to get where I am today and it’s all been worth it.

What do you do? Are you still learning, at work or starting your own business? I’d love to know what you do apart from your blogs?