Business Beauty on a Budget

Saving for mortgage means I am constantly looking out for beauty products that don’t break the bank or dip into my savings! My favourite shop to ‘hit up’ for cheaper products is Superdrug, they hold cheaper brands like MUA, Rimmel and Maybelline.

A newer range that instantly caught my eye when it came out was Revolution. If I’m honest, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the price, boasting similar prices to MUA and equally similar packaging I was eager to discover if I loved the brand as much as I love MUA. The first difference between revolution and MUA was the range of eye shadow palettes. Different shapes, sizes, colours and prices means that Revolution quickly outshone MUA with its range of choices.

Being a business girl who has to be ready in a flash and doesn’t want to scare my colleagues with bright purple eye shadow, I always opt for more neutral and safer shades. Perusing the stand I stumbled across the Flawless palette. 32 neutral shimmer and matte shades for £8 seemed like a bargain to me!

The packaging isn’t anything to gush over but doesn’t make you run for the hills either. It may not be inviting or eye catching but its simple, sleek and sophisticated. Yes, it is plastic and feels a little cheap but for the price its not the worst! Now, I don’t normally use the mirrors inside palettes but if you’re on the go after work, or just out and about and need to add a little drama then the mirror that spans the entire inside of the lid will please you. Another positive point is that it doesn’t come with tacky sponges or brushes that people never/shouldn’t use, ditching the extras means the packaging looks cleaner and doesn’t drive up the price either its a win- win!

I am a woman who likes to be organised, and that even boils down to my eye shadows being labelled. I am not a fan of brands that either skip labelling altogether or name them ‘shadow 483’, I will never remember that name and it just doesn’t excite me either. Red Night, Medal and Pure Chocolate are not only names that label its colour but suit it and some what reflect its attributes. There are some quirky names like Gold Digger, Almost There and Cheerless which add a bit of welcomed fun. The labels are printed on a plastic sheet that not only act as a labelling system but protective cover too!

Opening the palette I wasn’t disappointed! It isn’t just cluttered with a bunch of colours ranging from muddy brown’s to light cream’s but instead it gives you some choice. Now I won’t race ahead and say this palette will fulfil your every make up desire, but it will please you! On the left you can see that you have the standard every day, and how I like to say ‘work safe’ colours but stretching over to the right you have the colours that will create ‘the look’. Some gorgeous deep shimmer burnt oranges and fire reds with deep midnight blues. If this palette is as good as I think it will be then it could solve a lot of my issues. Some of the lighter colours like Paper and Soft Glow do swatch a little powdery however the deeper colours Night, Black Tie and Burgundy Nights swatch smoothly and intense with colour. It isn’t an even playing field with matte vs shimmer, the shimmery colours do dominate the palette so if you’re not a shimmery person perhaps this palette isn’t for you. It also seems that the darker the colours are the shimmery they are too.

I haven’t got around to testing out the standard of the colours yet but they look promising.

Its small enough to fit into my hand bag, compact enough to travel with yet has the variety that can create a realm of make up looks.

I can’t wait to get stuck into this palette and create some work appropriate looks and also some dramatic, show stopping looks.

Watch this space…

Palette found at Superdrug, 

It can also be found on Make Up Revolutions website,


3 thoughts on “Business Beauty on a Budget

  1. The Revolution pallette iconic 1 is my go to eyeshadow pallette full of lovely matte and shimmer browns and a couple of grey shades must admit this is the only Revolution makeup that I have tried but have heard nothing but positive feedback from people local superdrug does not stock this brand which is a pity as I think I would buy more of this product if they were available in my little town .x

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    • My SuperDrug store is always sold out of most of the collection, and doesn’t even sell all the things that Makeup Revolution has to offer. I won’t go on a say that these eyeshadows are the best thing since sliced bread, some colours are a little powdery but for the price they’re amazing!

      Go on their website, I know its nice to pick up the make up and swatch colours in store, but there are so many more products they sell which I wasn’t aware of until I checked out their site!

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