Add A Little Drama | Naked Underneath Palette

It’s no secret that I love Make Up Revolution, they’re ability to create such great quality products at such affordable prices leaves me confused as to why I even bother looking at high end brands. Lets be honest, they’re not perfect, they do have some products that I don’t personally like but about 95% of their products are fantastic. This is why I was really excited that they sent me one of their new palettes, ‘Naked Underneath’. I believe this palette has just been released just go check out their website here. DISCLAIMER: Yes, I’ll be honest, I was sent this palette to test and review for you guys. However I am NOT being paid for this review, nor will I receive money or discount if you purchase this product through any linked provided on this page. All opinions are my own! 


Personally, I really dislike the packaging. I like clean, sleek and effortless looking packaging. The kind of packaging that can appeal to all ages, which this palette fails on. It’s such a shame, it is probably my personal opinion and lack of creativity that stops me from loving this but it just doesn’t scream ‘classy’ to me. The furry quilt across the top would have been better suited without the silver heart stuck on the top! What do you think?


Inside the palette looks like Make Up Revolution’s usual packaging, clean and sleek. The colours are well placed, neat and it looks really expensive.

Opening the palette I was sooo excited, colours ‘Attention’ and ‘Seeking’ look quite possibly like the most beautiful transitional colours I have ever laid my eyes on. Wonderous looks perfect for highlighting the eye and could also be used on the face too! However, swatching these colours my heart dropped a little. The darker shades like ‘Darkness’ and ‘Hidden’ swatched patchy and with very little intensity. ‘Glory’ and ‘Love’ also swatched to a very similar colour. The colour pay off of these shades swatched quite badly, alas I decided to give the palette a go!


IMG_1257 IMG_1253 IMG_1258

the look

I wanted to give this palette the benefit of the doubt, it already lost points on the packaging and swatches but I was sure with a little perseverance it could create some beautiful looks.  Lately I have been creating a lot of neutral ‘work appropriate’ looks so thought ‘to hell with it’ and went all out. Fake eyelashes and everything! I was really intrigued by ‘Meow’ and really wanted to use the shade ‘Attention’ so create a look with these two. After applying my usual Urban Decay primer potion I then started to pat ‘Meow’ on my lid with a flat shader brush. To my surprise, the colour pay off was amazing. I didn’t even have to use a fix plus, it applied intensely by itself.  There was a little fall out with this shade, but that is to be expected with a darker colour. My advice is to use tape, and create your eyeshadow look before you apply your face makeup. After I had built enough intensity, I then used a medium sized fluffy brush, dipped into ‘Attention’ and swept this across the crease whilst blending with ‘Meow’ to make sure there were no harsh lines. In order to create the beautiful gradual transition from darker to lighter shade, work with the two step process. It can be quite a tiring process, but by applying the darker shade and then blending with lighter back and forwards will eventually reveal and beautiful blended look without those harsh lines.

To give a little more intensity and really build on that smoky look, I used ‘Darkness’ in the outer V. Now this colour was a little harder to work with, it took a little more patience and a lot more fall out but eventually I got the desired effect. To finish, I heavily lined my eyes, smudged it out and popped on some fake eyelashes.

Overall, I would recommend the palette based on the colours I have used for this look. It has taught me that the swatches don’t always reflect how the colours will apply on the lid.





Have you tried this palette? What do you think of this look?

Do you think you would try this palette? Are you a fan of the packaging?


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